Society Rules and Constitution


UKBGS was initiated on October 8th 2017 to cater to golfers of Bangladeshi origin. Primarily located in London and the south east and eventually growing throughout the UK to allow members to: enjoy the game of golf, enjoy each other’s company, but most importantly to expand the game of golf within the Bangladeshi community in the UK. We serve our members by organising golf tournaments throughout the year where everyone competes, socialises and has fun enjoying the true spirit of the game of golf. 

In running this Golf Society, we hope to encourage youngsters of Bangladeshi origin to pick up interest in golf and get them involved in the game and maybe one day produce a PGA pro from within our own community.


Membership shall be open to any person of Bangladeshi origin wishing to abide by the Constitution, Rules and Etiquette laid down by UKBGS. Handicap limits are Men: 28 and Women: 36.

A Membership form must be filled in and submitted online or on a paper format.

All members should be aware of and follow the Rules of Golf (as laid down by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, the Constitution and Etiquette as laid down by the UKBGS. A player must participate in at least 3 UKBGS tournaments a year otherwise their UKBGS membership becomes void. UKBGS reserve the right to refuse or suspend any membership at any time.

Dress Code:

Society uniform must be worn during competitions. Also it is each members responsibility to be aware of the Dress Code and Restrictions (eg. spikes, shirts, shorts etc) at any Golf Course they attend.


Members not holding a CONGU handicap issued by a Golf Club which is a member of the EGU will have to submit 1 Qualifying scorecard to obtain their UKBGS handicap. This scorecard can be obtained by playing on an 18-hole golf course with a committee member. The committee have the right to choose the number of scorecards to be entered. Handicaps used within the Society are not notified to the home golf club of any member, and therefore have no impact or bearing on an official CONGU handicap.

Discipline/Sanction Procedures:

In the unlikely event of a complaint being received by UKBGS and upheld from a golf club function we have held or we have visited or from another UKBGS member due to a member’s conduct either on the course or in the clubhouse, one written warning will be given about their behaviour. If the society receives a second complaint about the same member and that complaint is also upheld, the said member will be ejected from the society. That said member is also entitled to the Right of Appeal and the Committee’s decision will be final. If any member is ejected, they will not be eligible to take part in any future UKBGS tournaments.

Communication Channels:

Official updates and communication will be presented by the committee via either/or: email, official WhatsApp forum, website. Note that the official WhatsApp forum should be used for updates from the committee to address all UKBGS members. Any questions or concerns following an update should be addressed with a committee member privately. There is also a WhatsApp Chat forum where members can express themselves freely without the use of foul or discriminating language.

Rules of UKBGS:

1. Society Events and Competitions will be played under R&A Rules of Golf.

2. Each regular event is held over 18 holes for a Stableford Competition unless otherwise stated. The highest stableford score is the winner.

3. In the event of a tie the best score for the last 9 holes will be used. If still a tie the last 6 will be used and then the last 3 holes until we have an outright winner.

4. To qualify to win any UKBGS event, you must be a fully accredited member of UKBGS. £5 will be charged on the day for every UKBGS tournament you wish to take part in. This is in addition to the green fees.

5. Guests are allowed to take part in the UKBGS tournaments. Any guest player will not be able to win any winner’s trophy. However, at the Committee’s discretion they are entitled for any of the ‘Nearest to the Pin / Longest Drive’ awards.

6. Any new member, whether joining at the start or midway through a season will have to prove handicap ability. If this is not possible that person will have to play 1 Qualifying Event to obtain a UKBGS Handicap however any decision is at the discretion of the Committee. New members will not be eligible for any prize until 3 Qualifying Events have been played.

7. Due to golf course requirements, we must ensure that we avoid slow play always. Slow Play will not be tolerated. Extremely Slow Play can result in a warning. Always use the team ahead to set the pace.

8. Note: When representing UKBGS on the golf course. We do not tolerate a lack of etiquette. This includes screaming and shouting even after a good shot by any player during play and after tee off. This can be a nuisance to other players who may be within the surroundings.

9. UKBGS Player of the Year will be picked from the winner of the most monthly tournaments in a calendar year. In the event of a tie the players involved will play an 18-hole round of golf (stableford) to decide the winner.

10. In UKBGS tournaments if any members taking part have any disputes when playing in their groups, they should finish the round and before signing their scorecards, they should take it up with the Captain (and if he is not present then vice-captain and so on…) and he will make ruling regarding the dispute and the Captain’s decision is FINAL.

11. The UKBGS Committee reserves the right to dismiss any UKBGS member and also any committee members. However, they also have the sole authority on who can become a member of the UKBGS Committee.

12. Any rulings and decisions made that impact the running of the society will be decided upon by a vote where all 8 committee members are present.

13. Note that UKBGS is a society that serves members of all abilities whether a low handicapper, high handicapper or a complete novice. The committee will not knowingly favour any members regardless of skill set. We do not also tolerate members not willing to play with certain players during tournaments. The ruling is everyone plays with anyone.

14. UKBGS is an independent, non-political organisation. All UKBGS members please refrain from any political, religious or any other contentious issues that will provoke any arguments or disputes within UKBGS. Any members found guilty of the above will be disciplined by the Committee and the Committee’s decision is FINAL.

15. Members are advised to take out golf insurance as an individual, but this is optional. UKBGS Will not be liable for loss or damage of golf equipment and any injuries sustained during society meets.

16. UKBGS reserve the right to amend or add to any of the above at any time if they so choose.

**** NOTE: UK Bangladeshi Golf Society is a Non-Profit Organisation. ****

The Rules of Golf

All members should be aware of and follow the Rules of Golf (as laid down by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, the Constitution and Etiquette as laid down by the UKBGS.