Author: Rom Rahman

March 19, 2019

Captains Cup II on Sunday 24th March at The Hertfordshire Golf Club.

Forget about Brexit as its trivial compared to what’s coming our away…

This weekend the UKBGS Golf tour travels to Hertfordshire for the first competition of spring in 2019.

The venue is The Hertfordshire Golf and Country Club and what a beauty this venue is; designed by Jack Niklaus II, this course challenges all skill levels and is a venue that offers some great facilities and very welcoming.

The course is by no means an easy or short one, with plenty of water hazards and a signature par 3 on the 15th w

hich looks like the par 3 at the sawgrass where they played the PGA players tournament won by Rory McIlroy.

I myself played here last weekend with our Stevenage contingency and the greens were in good condition although a little wet in other places but hopefully the better weather this week will dry out the wet patches so that we get to enjoy this great venue.

As it stands we have 35 players registered to participate and as usual the UKBGS

faithful’s are converging to this venue from all corners of this great island.

We have a brother travelling from Bradford to play with us and we are grateful for the show of faith so toupee’s off to that committed brother.

So what’s the

field like for this weekend and who are the contenders? Well, there are a lots of pound for pound golfers taking part and what I mean by that is that they are very good for their handicap and they will be favourite to lift the big one this weekend.

Top picks to watch out for are Ala Islam who has been smashing it in general play as well as Abdul Kalam the Assassin who keeps playing out of his skin even when he is being cut. He is like the Terminator; keeps healing his wounds and returns in full armour for anot

her battle.

Could there be a challenger from the bucket of players who scored over 32 points at Stockwood park!

I reckon longer hitters will be at an advantage at The Hertfordshire so Anam Kamali, Sye

d Ali and perhaps myself will be in with a good shout.

We have three of our category one players ( Mahim Uddin, Jillu Mannan and Syed Ali) participating this weekend and they will perform well as they usually do and I can bet at least one of them will play under their handicap and push for the podium at least.

Of course golf i


a funny old game and just play your handicap and give yourself a great chance while at it,  enjoy the company of the guys you are playing with then shoot 40 points and the Prestigious Captains Cup II is yours! Easy right?!

Watch out for the 15th par 3 which is set up to drown your ball; my advice would be to put away your best ball for this one unless your name is Rory McIlroy but do let your marker know that you are changing the ball. Rules and etiquettes are important in golf to preserve the games integrity and UKBGS reputation. Every player is representing UKBGS so it’s important that we follow the etiquette with the best of our ability.

I know I hark on about rules but in golf you are playing the course and integrity is


Also I want to point out that in 2020 the Road To Dhaka is going to be implemented and

will IA travel to Dhaka and the top 20 players with the most points accumulated will only be selected to participate. So ensure that you sign up to many comps as possible and play well to get those Road To Dhaka points bagged.

Good luck and looking forward to seeing you all!

Meet at the Clubhouse at 10:00 am


Captain 🔪