UK Bangladeshi Golf Society

We are proud to be the first UK based Bangladeshi Golf Society. Established on 20th September 2017 and our founding members played their first tournament shortly after on 8th October 2017. We are based in the UK with Bangladeshi roots, playing golf!

Our main objective is to serve our members by organising great golf tournaments throughout the year and giving opportunity for the UK Bangladeshi community can get together from different walks of life and socialise, have fun and compete in a golf tournament and most importantly enjoining the true spirit of the game of golf.

Our aims are also to build a golf society which encompasses members from all over the UK and  initially our focus was towards London and the home counties and then our hope to spread out to the rest of the country reaching out to Bangladeshis in other cities and communities in the UK and our ultimate goal is to take steps further to one day and go touring to Bangladesh.

In running this Golf Society, we also hope to encourage young kids of Bangladeshi origin to take interest in golf and get them involved in the game and may be one day produce a PGA Pro from within our own community.

Amongst our committee, we have golfers who have been playing the game for many years so have experience running a successful golf society. Additionally, we have in our committee business minded members who are here to direct us with future expansion and development so that we can reach as many Bangladeshis as possible to welcome them in to the world of golf.

We look forward to welcoming golfers from all over the UK.

Mr. Rom Rahman  - Club Captain